Bringing photonic quantum computers to life

QuGANTIC is an EIC Pathfinder that aims to bring a completely new quantum photonic processor to market.

This includes showcasing the first use of so-called qudit photonics for quantum information processing in real-world use-case scenarios. 

Breakthrough quantum operations

In QuGANTIC, we will develop a set of quantum operations on multi-photon systems with a large number of internal states to bring forth an entirely new way to build a large-scale Hilbert space and operational gate set for information processing.

Focus on real-world applications

A key focal point of QuGANTIC is real-world use cases for the novel quantum hardware that we will develop. We target an entirely new class of quantum generative adversarial networks that will leverage the power of both quantum computing and machine learning for superior performance.

Breakthrough quantum integration

In QuGANTIC, we will target a novel Photonic Integrated Circuit approach that will allow us to scale the system and reduce the noise for unprecedented operational capabilities. 

Join our efforts

We will be opening positions in a short time, and if you are interested in joining the consortium, please get in touch with one of the partners for more information.